A micro LCD 3D printer perfect for testing small quantities of resins, quickly and easily.

PicoFAB was developed with a very specific purpose: after a market research lasting several months, it emerged that research laboratories, developers of new materials, researchers in the field of bioprinting, are in difficulty when they must test new photopolymers. The problem is that commercially available resin 3D printers have an average footprint area of ​​10 x 7cm or more, and therefore to print, at least 100ml of resin is required. This becomes a problem when you want to test a new resin of which you have very small quantities available, because it is very expensive (bioprinting, certified resins) or because you are testing new materials and therefore you prefer to initially produce small quantities of resin.

To overcome this problem, we have developed PicoFAB, a 3d printer that allows you to print already with 10-15ml of resin, in a printing area of ​​24x24mm at 100mcron of XY resolution and 25/50 / 100micron on the Z axis.

Another interesting feature is the resin tank made of stainless steel, easily removable and sterilizable, and a design that allows a good cooling of the internal LCD even if the machine is inserted in a laminar flow hood.

The PicoFAB is the perfect tool for universities, research labs in the development of new materials, bioprinting, and for all those who wish to test small quantities of expensive resins (high performance resin, certified for dental use, castable resins) before to use them for printing on machines of normal dimensions.